Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bleeding during Ovulation


Since i am not really satisfied with the doctor's consultation the other day, i tried to google la pulak.

Mula2... ini jadual period aku (jadual period pun letak dlm blog..... glamer nya period ku)

jan 30 - 1st day period
feb 5th - last day
feb 13th - should be my ovulation day la kan. but i have my period lagik. heavy flow! siap tembus2 pad lagik.
feb 18th - ari ni la. still wearing pad (lighter flow)

few answer hasil pengooglelan:


Bleeding during mid-cycle does NOT necessarily mean that you are starting your period. Personally, I experience this (not every month), and the bleeding is not always the same. Usually it is rather light (only appears on the toilet tissue). Sometimes it is rather wet (enough to leak onto a pantiliner). I know this is rather explicit, sorry (I am dealing with a lot of fertility issues, so I have to take notice of every little detail throughout the month). I have noticed that the times that I experience mid-cycle pains (pain during ovulation) that seems to be when I have noticeable spotting or slight bleeding. I hope this helps to answer your question.


extremely thin, almost looks like its thinner than water. The color is very faint/ vague brown or pink/ rust never deep red. its so thin that it leaks out so fast, doesn't give you enough time to rush to the bathroom.


Bleeding during ovulation looks like thin pink or brown discharge. With tissues u can make out.It last for 1-2 days with lower left or right abdominal pain.


Mine is like a tiny thin streak of blood, and I notice it for two toilet trips - no longer than that. I believe it is due to ovulation as it is around the right time. You don't necessarily get ovulating pain, some months I do, some months I don't. This month however I had the ovu bleed, but no LH surge until the following day? Very confusing


It's usually a light yellow, then a brown It never lasts longer than 2 days

Heh!! case diorg ni xsama mcm aku pun. Aku punya xda light2 lagik, aku punya heavy flow ok. Mau 2bungkus suda pad aku pakai ni. Lagik satu, how to count my period cycle skrg ni?? Do i need to kira from the 13th feb or stick dgn yg dulu tu???

I will see doctor soon. But siapa2 yg pernah alami atau benda2 mcm ni sila la tunjuk ajar.

p/s: aku mengharap jgk darah keluar berbaldi baldi ni aku bole jd kurus tp tak kurus punnnnnnn................



Mimie Hamdan said...

tom... mimie teringt mil pernah citer pasal benda nie hari tue... dia kena benda yg sama lps bersalin my 1st SIL... bleeding tak igt... smpi tembus2 pad... pergi byk doktor... last2 baru dpt detect yg one of the tiub ada problem... but i cannot remember why... tp kena wat operation utk clearkan la...

Maharani said...

eiiiiiiiiiii...... seram la pulak.hopefully ur MIL dah sehat yer... mcm mn flea market?? byk org ker?

Mimie Hamdan said...

owhh... now okay... i think after that dia dpt my 2nd SIL and hb... flea market agak kurengla dear... talak org... dugaan baru nak mula berniaga.. hehehe...

LiAnA said...

salam kenall....

i penah kena mcm ni.. then jumpa gynae.. resultnya i ada fibroid.. tu yg buatkan cycle i terganggu.. period pain yg teruk dr zaman anak dara fuhhhh....bila dh buang baru ok..

i peknen.. tp masa peknen fibroid tu tumbuh lg.. tak bleh nk buat apa dah.. as long mende tu tak ganggu fertilty biarkan aje..

better u mintak consult dgn gynae...take care

sandal kecik said...

Hhihi..glemer tul period cycle ni..siap msk blog..
rs nya period cycle still kira dr 1st day u period tu. kalau period lbh 15 hr tu kira darah penyakit kan. better chek dktr kenapa ada drh kluar lagi..