Wednesday, December 5, 2007

happily ever after..

ya... receive 2 wedding invitation cards for the month of dec. thanks sweetheart. so i'll go to ien's this coming sunday 9/12 at dewan perdana felda KL. n hana's on next sat 15/12 in ipoh (dun really know if i manage to drive myself ther dear. nvr been to ipoh b4) but i'll try.

congratulation to both of u sweet ladies. so lucky la mr malik and mr asmadi. hana n malik love story is so sweeeeet tho. wish my guy would do d same for me. so big la his pengorbanan. lucky hana. n ien, after all those fun2 story mory in ums finally u u found ur true love. lucky ien too.

semoga berbahagia hingga hujung nyawa.


if sumone dat u love n care the most betray u, would ther b a second chance? infact so were many chances given b4 jz nvr call them as second chance. do they deserve it?