Monday, January 18, 2010

Another commitment


Hmmmm.... how to say, not so sure of what we (aku n addy la) just did. Its kinda so fast. I never actually study about IT. I went there, listen what the man said and belek2 for like 15minutes and then....


or sebenarnya,

Its up to u baby (baby tu c addy la kononnya. hehehe)

Give them our IC to be copied, filled the form, sign sana, sign sini and


we are now engage into another commitment.


Kitorg sbenarnya xpasti kalau mampu. But i'm so happy that my dearest Addy is not scared of commitment at his young age. Tp ya la, as i said eh taip tadi la, takut nya!!! Bole kah ni??

Apa yg aku merepek ni?!

Nah! clue d bwh ni.

Now we have to really watch our spending yg skrg ni pun........... eh! when was the last time aku buat entry shopping? urghhh!!!