Sunday, December 2, 2007

fun transformer

hehehe... read one of my must visit daily blog. sis sky aka pejalanlangit. i found it kinda cute la she did the transformer version of herself. i try it out myself. hehehe... fun!

meet my afro cousin

and my caucasian cousin too

my indian relative?

i definitely love the baby, mucha & original (hahahaha) version

try it out! its fun....


feel lazy tday! got tons of works to do! but i hvnt start any! wargh....

my bfast today.

mango flav BOH tea (fav since UMS time) and 2 slice of toasted bread with peanut butter & choc.

MUST do ah..
last month monthly report (for 3plants n i havent key in the daily data pun)
the missing june & july monthly report for tomorow audit
tagging for tomorrow audit (which can to b done in d office only)
my techs training record

apart of dat, i need to
wash my car
kemas my bilik
send my laundry
read d cleo dat i bought yesterday(hahaha... ada hati bah)

kerang bakar anyone?

yeah! i can eat kerang bakar ody! my fav now. hv it evy saturday as my dinner. went to pasar malam sg dua yesterday. jz 10 minutes walking distance from my place. bought nangka (jack fruit. my fav. but dun eat them in your car bcoz the smell will stay for days) & air tebu (yeah!!! nvr drink d fresh one b4. i was stuffed with the tot that they r dirty as they nvr wash the sugar cane b4 place it into the crushing machine but i saw they peel the kulit first so i consider its clean) and they surely taste good!. i didnt buy the kerang from the pasar malam. they sell it rm2 per plate which is not even 1kg. in tesco they sell it jz rm1.48 perkg. so i bought around 1.19kg only rm1.60.

wash them nicely. used to brush them b4. hahaha... make my berus smelly. now no more jz basuh biasa2 jer.

place them into the oven. get this oven free on my company annual dinner.

tara!!!! d cicah is lemon + soy souce + chilli

so.... from now on i'm no more vegetarian. i' kerangrian. yeah!!