Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hepatitis B

wanna talk bout my medical check up today but not so in d mood right now. The doctor told me i'm a hepatitis B carrier. wat can i say? all mixed up now. write again later.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


and dat akak really sms me jz now. asking i'm home. am i bad not to let her come? but she totally freak me out!!


Merry x'mas evybody!!! miss sabah so much during xmas. got many fren yg celeb! n d environment is soooooo xmas! hehehe...

working today. but went late la. 11am reach intel. meet wierd kakak today. haaa.. let me say sumthing bout this special kakak. meet her on the lift. going to down from my hse. let me put in d dialog form. easier for me write. less messy too.

kakak: student ker?
me: no. dah kerja
kakak : igtkan student tadi (ya.... ppl told me dat thousand times)nama apa?
me: hehe.. dewi. nak pegi kerja kah?
kakak: tak. nak g cc (she bring along paper n pen with her so i tot she wanna look for job on jobstreet)
me: carik kerja online kah?
kakak: tak la. nak chatting. nak berkenalan. (wow. sungguh berterus terangnya. n sound desperate la jugak)
me: ooo..
kakak: tapi kakak dah lama tak chatting. lupa la.
me: oo.. saya pun lama tak chatting. dulu zaman2 study jak. tu pun tahun satu jak (yeah.. dulu kaki irc)kakak pegi cc mana ni?
kakak: cc depan 7-eleven. u biasa pergi sana kah?
me: oo... dulu pun sy lepak sana. tp skrg ada internet d rumah.
kakak: oooo.. kalo mcm tu kakak g umah dewi la main internet. (wat?? i couldnt hear u....)
me:... hmm... rumah sy takda org.

and she ask my pon number. i gv her. n she evytime mention bout goin to my hse to chat. yuck!!!!

kakak:bole ajarkan tak mcm mn chatting.
me: ha? bole tp saya nak g kerja.

i was about to offer her a lift to the cc. but i hvnt do so n she already follow me to my car. n actually sit on my car. do i hv any choice but to send her??? ther i go.. sending her to the cc. n help her to online on mirc. n jz b4 i left, she mention bout going to my hse again. pls noooooo.... cant imagine her lepaking in my room n chatting. oh no!

so dats y i late to work... hehehe... went back early. aroud 1.30pm. then to bukit jambul to do my hair. actually dunno wat else can i do with my hair. nvr satisfied me. jz had hair treatment last week n d week b4. arghh.. sit at d slaon n i decide to go for rebonding. yeah! n my hair look flat! warghh... hmm.. i nvr satisfied.

had gado2 jz now. nice. after a year in penang dis is d 1st time i had gado2. used to buy from kg likas b4.

Friday, December 21, 2007

wat to buy

tomoro my office going to have exchange x'mas gift day. but i havent buy anything. i dun even know wat to buy. the present must b around rm20. lets c wat i can get from jusco tonite.

nothing special happen today. jz normal friday. feel so lazy that i went to work at 8.30am. n went back home 4.55pm. nice ler.... jz my malas day.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

happy hari raya haji mum...

jz reach home. went to work at 8am (yeah! i was late. did it on purpose). had my lunch at 3.20pm. only maggi goreng. go back at 9.30pm. go tesco. bought cockles (kerang bakar later. yeah!!), lemon, keropok bawang (my fav), beras basmathi, n yougart. ther goes my raya n d delicious food.

Miss my mum a lot during raya haji. She will b bz as a bee during raya. n the prettiest too. n i love her smell. she smell so sweet. love to hug her. love evything bout her. Miss my mum sooooooooooo damn much. wish i can speak to her thru the phone but my mum have hearing prob. Love u hajah marhumah lebbu.

selamat hari raya evyone..

Monday, December 17, 2007

a weekend in KL

KL is my second home lately. been to KL last week for ien's wedding n last weekend for.... got la.

Reached KL on 11.30pm. After a good nite sleep, i am fully ready for a nice jalan2. Feel like having a nice nature gateaway. but i dunno wher to go n the mr guide also hv no idea to fulfill my wish. End up hving lunch n jalan2 at the tasik in kelana jaya.

after dat went to the summit for a movie (knowing dat OU, Midvalley n KLCC surely packed wif homosapiens.) watched 'i am legend' lead by will smith (in fact its all about him 'the legend'). OK2 la. The tuan had hair cut ther. i was so attracted by the ad 'wash+ cut+ blow + hair repair treatment at only rm79'. so typical me. actually i already have my hair treatment a week ago. haha.. but the promo is so irresistible. so i spend my $$ again on my damn straw like hair. rush to go back coz i want to watch tv. haha.. 'dia. dayang nurfaizah'. feel entertain by dayang n her family. all so honest n sincere.

on sunday, went to zairul's wedding. tot i dun wanna go. scared i wont b able to fix myself along. but hey, they all bring their bini2s. so got few gals. n me trying so hard to show dat i can socialize. i can adopt. thank god d binis all nice. but i only remember 2 names. one is wana (went to karaoke wif her last time) n IS (very pretty soft spoken girl. So funny la d wedding. but wish both of u happy lasting marriage. n also to the bestman ah! kirim salam.

After dat went for jalan2 in putrajaya. Then i saw banner 'international space adventure'. Nice! An unplanned event. The overall adventure is worth for the ticket rm30.40 for adult. Everybody shud go ther. The event will be from 15Dec2007 to 16March2008(I only saw the 16 so i tot yesterday was the last day. rushed. when its actually only the 2nd day of 3months event}Tell bout it in the next blog. got lots to say!

After the tiring walk at the space adventure, rushed home. dun wanna miss the ManU(go go go!) n liverpool (bla bla bla) match. Take my bath n pack my thingy. But need to buy my bus ticket 1st. Got the 12am bus. then climb the 1000stairs (i make up this story) in menara maybank to the atm machine. damn tiring. then rush to mamak. yes MU lead. yes!! they won!

Rushed to pudu again. wait almost 20mins at the parking area then i go back to the ground floor as i cant breath down ther. packed. Make a phone call to a bitch. but i dunno how can i e bso calm down as i spoke to her. i even thank her. n she only say 'yes. no problem. no problem. gud nite'. i know ur english is sux dats y u were speechless. cheh. but still dare to scold me thru sms for calling her at dat time. not good konon. when u offer urself to b another girl's bf as his 2nd gf tu sooooo beradab la konon. Tell later bout this bitch. Took 11.30pm bus. Thank god again. i heard the bus guy said the rest will take the 5.30am bus tomoro morning (today la).

reach penang at 5.11am. Sleep n get up at 7.56am.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I feel honoured...

It all started about a month ago. My tech call me up n said thers a new construction company set up. German company. actually last time they had shares in M+W Z*&^%$, but due to unsettle problem now they split out from dat company and set up tis new IFE company. The story is, one of the guy dat responsible to look for the new staff asked my fren bout me! He said he saw me last time working in Kulim KM5 n would like to offer me a job! I do ask his email address frm my friend to send my resume. To my suprise dat guy is still working wif M+W but offer me to work for IFE and his using his M+W email add. funnny la. and the salary he offer is around 2.5times my current salary??..!! bcoz its hard to belif n due to my malasness, i din send him my email neither contact him.

Last week i saw a misscall on my phone, returning his call by sending him msg only (so stingy i am). then dat guy call me back (yeah!!!). he tell how he get my number (he get from my former colleague). n he also offer me a job! they have an offshore project n he need workforce. he also told me dat he deal wif me last time (my previous company) n it was like a year ago!!! n he also said my former boss always talk bout me even after i resign (love u so much boss. so dats y he interested to offer me d job. unfortunely my other phone rang n its my boss. so i hv to cut him off n he promise to call me back in the afternoon. but up to this time, he nvr call me back. or i heard him wrong? he ask me to call him instead? dunno la. i wanted to call him back but if the job he offer is in sabah, i might not want it. but... no harm to call n ask kan (except my phone credit la). stupid me? shud i call him back??

N today, i call my supplier to come n help me with the setting of the machine we bought from him. when i send him out, he ask me wether i work in Kulim b4. "yes!! i do. do u recognise me?". he said yes.

All this time i tought i'm jz like wind to evybody. nobody notice my existance except my boss when he mad at me and asking me to close job order. i'm so happy dat ppl still know me n recognize wat i've did b4. it's an honour for me. really. n i'm truly suprise. Thank you guys. But u all shoudnt make me feel alone in my journey tho. Help me. I'm all alone here. Sumtimes i do feel helpless (later la i write new post). Thank you so much guys!!! i feel honoured. Huh....

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

happily ever after..

ya... receive 2 wedding invitation cards for the month of dec. thanks sweetheart. so i'll go to ien's this coming sunday 9/12 at dewan perdana felda KL. n hana's on next sat 15/12 in ipoh (dun really know if i manage to drive myself ther dear. nvr been to ipoh b4) but i'll try.

congratulation to both of u sweet ladies. so lucky la mr malik and mr asmadi. hana n malik love story is so sweeeeet tho. wish my guy would do d same for me. so big la his pengorbanan. lucky hana. n ien, after all those fun2 story mory in ums finally u u found ur true love. lucky ien too.

semoga berbahagia hingga hujung nyawa.


if sumone dat u love n care the most betray u, would ther b a second chance? infact so were many chances given b4 jz nvr call them as second chance. do they deserve it?

Monday, December 3, 2007

free stuff are always welcome!!!

yesterday i was in d mood of gardening. to start wif, i wanna grow chilli. yeah! so thinking to buy the ody grow one (in d pasu) from giant. on dway to giant bayan baru i saw a banner. instead of going to giant, i went to PISA to the PC fair! but i dun wanna buy any compuer stuff tho. jz jalan2 n c d last minute lelong would b nice. who knows i manage to get sumthing.

i manage to get sumthing for free! yeah! get this stuff from HP. yeah!!

d xmas gift box contains; paper clip, supercool alarm clock, cable pod, phone holder, canvas bag, 2 photo frames, salt n pepper shakers,measuring tape, haloed tumbler and calculator.

n get some cheap china made stuff too! yippie!! notebook cooler pad (cool), headset c/w mic, thumbdrive and webcam (not need it tho)

after i bought this la i get all those... taraaaaa....

n d blue light at d bottom is from the notebook cooler. cool kan? wahaha.. kebaruan.

opss.. jz ignore the nice messy background. too exited to turn on d new baby so din bother to tidy up the other plastic & paper bag.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

fun transformer

hehehe... read one of my must visit daily blog. sis sky aka pejalanlangit. i found it kinda cute la she did the transformer version of herself. i try it out myself. hehehe... fun!

meet my afro cousin

and my caucasian cousin too

my indian relative?

i definitely love the baby, mucha & original (hahahaha) version

try it out! its fun....


feel lazy tday! got tons of works to do! but i hvnt start any! wargh....

my bfast today.

mango flav BOH tea (fav since UMS time) and 2 slice of toasted bread with peanut butter & choc.

MUST do ah..
last month monthly report (for 3plants n i havent key in the daily data pun)
the missing june & july monthly report for tomorow audit
tagging for tomorrow audit (which can to b done in d office only)
my techs training record

apart of dat, i need to
wash my car
kemas my bilik
send my laundry
read d cleo dat i bought yesterday(hahaha... ada hati bah)

kerang bakar anyone?

yeah! i can eat kerang bakar ody! my fav now. hv it evy saturday as my dinner. went to pasar malam sg dua yesterday. jz 10 minutes walking distance from my place. bought nangka (jack fruit. my fav. but dun eat them in your car bcoz the smell will stay for days) & air tebu (yeah!!! nvr drink d fresh one b4. i was stuffed with the tot that they r dirty as they nvr wash the sugar cane b4 place it into the crushing machine but i saw they peel the kulit first so i consider its clean) and they surely taste good!. i didnt buy the kerang from the pasar malam. they sell it rm2 per plate which is not even 1kg. in tesco they sell it jz rm1.48 perkg. so i bought around 1.19kg only rm1.60.

wash them nicely. used to brush them b4. hahaha... make my berus smelly. now no more jz basuh biasa2 jer.

place them into the oven. get this oven free on my company annual dinner.

tara!!!! d cicah is lemon + soy souce + chilli

so.... from now on i'm no more vegetarian. i' kerangrian. yeah!!