Thursday, May 14, 2009

What do you want?


I just dont get it why do people ask on something that shouldnt be asked on public? my sentence is too complicated. ok let me get it straight. I receive few comments on my maharanilicious. Sometimes, the buyer or maybe just pretend to be a potential buyer asking such a .............. errr i dunno wat question. Out of the .................. errr dunno wat question, she nvr buy. but the comment is still there. i need to be fair. Every question from you will be entertain. but asking all the nonsense question makes me feel like 'there's somthing fishy here'.

e.g: ko cuci kah tu baju lepas ko pakai? (did you wash the cloth after you wear them?)

my stupid thinking is she's asking me whether i wash my everyday clothes or not? hell yeah. but after a moment, i get it.

and my answer is: I DID'NT. People, i didnt wash the cloth that u saw me in it (Maharanilicious). But i do take bath before i took the picture. and sometimes put effort to do my make up and hair too. (nah ambik kau!). But i just didnt wash it. If i wash it, then the baju wont be baru anymore. and for god sake, i wore them only few minutes. not even half an hour.

Actually i didnt get what she means by that question. She feel geli kah? ok. at least my dress only worn by me. because i take it straight from the supplier and its still in the plastic. Bukan berlonggok yang korang selongkar macam kat FOS, Jusco or butik segala tu. The dress in boutique tu entah berapa ratus orang suda try before u bought it. And those people that tried them on tu berjalan berbatu2 batu under the hot sun. Sweating like hell. But you still terhegeh hegeh try dalam fitting room kan. sambil ambil gambar guna hp lagik. *eh ini mcm aku saja* hahaha... So mine is more hygenic. But for hygenic purpose please la basuh la dulu.

Its common sense la. I dont think other online seller tu cuci pun baju diorg tu. Ko bagitau aku sapa yg basuh tu? Aku hantar baju2 aku ni kat dia.

Maybe i'm just being too emotional here. But i still think that it is not proper to put such comment. I simply dont get what do you mean by that. But my answer is, i didnt wash it.

On her another comment (on my maxi),

her: bagus la kalau panjang sampai kaki. d sini panas ni.
me : summer dress is in now.
her: hmmm... pandai la ko, summer dress.

hahahaha.. obviously she didnt follow the fashion trend. Malas mau layan. so i just delete her comment. hahaha... *with the advice from a friend*

I'm so 2009 and you're so 2000 late.

Dont worry my lovely people. I'm not talking bout you. Its just somebody out there dat called a friend.