Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Desperate Dewi

Semalam aku tgk cerita desperate housewives d 8tv. Aku kan xda astro. :( Multiple boring. It scares me tgk pergolakan para suri rumah yg desperate tu. Takut nya!! Life is getting bored kah bila kita tua? Eiiiii........

Oleh kerana keboringan yg teramat smlm, i join yahoo chatroom hoping that i can find some intelectual (at least not a moron) or mayb another desperate housewife to chat. But i found myself lost d kalangan muda mudi or some moron yg chat just to talk bout sex. Adeh!! I ask my fren about this n he told me that intelectual read books or sleep by 10pm. Heh!!??? BORING nya!! eh! DESPERATE nya!!

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