Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Metrojaya Warehouse Sale

Today i went to PISA the above mentioned title. ;p

Its was super duper cheap!! i get myself sweat by running and running and running all over the place.

Fisrt stop was the fragrance and cosmetic section. wallla.. the perfume is definitely cheap. Price range from rm56 to rm170 only. i almost lost control. But i didnt. just yet ;p But all the perfume sold were from not very famous brand i.e DVB, Kylie, Esprit, and some unknown brand. I bought few items. Loreal shampoo + hair serum + facial wash + facial mask =RM31. How cheap is dat?

Second stop was the bedsheet area. Been eyeing for bedsheet since last month. yeah!!! I get myself a nice white with pink cute flower lace bedsheet c\w comforter. Only rm190. Almost bought the exact same bedsheet from JJ and its cost rm250++ during raya haji. Patient paid off. But i'm in love with one more bedsheet. Classy brown colour. but since the theme is white so ... uh! should i get it? should i??

view from the entrence

Then rush to final stop. Langerie area. Bought few stuff. Not showing them here. ;p for super cheap price. Oh!

Feel like going to warehouse now? Let me tell u the otherside of the story. The Q is damn long. And they have saparate counter for cosmetic. U cant bring stuff into the cosmetic area and take out the cosmetic u intend to buy unless u have paid them. So u have to Q 2times. How bad was that? It was easer if u bring ur bf or son or whoever that willing to Q at the counter while u r browsing at the other stuff bcoz the Q was... See for urself. Oh ya, bring cash to cut ur time Q'ing as they hv saparate counter for cash.

The Q at the counter. can u spot me? i can.

While in the loooooooog Q, 3 ladies compliment by bedsheet. bangga siot. hahaha.. bimbo.

laQueen: Jz called Addy. Green lite from him to buy perfume. Yeah! but thinking if i really shud and the Q??

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