Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Free KFC Voucher..

Today i received 2 more free KFC voucher. 1 snack combo from See Eu and 1 dinner combo from Sharon. How did i get them?? i jz gv a small contrbution thru my company for their baby fullmoon. Its like wat u gv u get back.

I still hv 1 unused KFC voucher. From my dear boss and its dinner combo.

Its been a tradition in the company to gv the employee RM20 KFC/Pizza Hut during their birthday. I got mine on September. So me and Addy chose to eat at Pizza Hut Subang Parade.

This lucky man can enjoy the voucher too

Thanks Konzen. This is the one value that i love about Konzen. It makes me feel like family. A birthday card signed by DGM is enough to make feel appreciated.

LaQueen: KFC empire tawau as once the best KFC i've been.

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