Friday, December 26, 2008

Metrojaya Warehouse Sale II

Yesterday i went to the sale again. My ultimate purpose is to buy perfume ONLY. But i cant control my NAFSU once i reach there. Huahuahua... Jz enjoy the pic.

Yeah... I bought the Kylie Minogue Showtime perfume. But only the 30ml. The smell is too sweet and fruity. I smell like chewing gum. yummy!!

Few stuff from cosmetic department. I wanted to buy the mask so badly. Murah gilak kan. But since i'm out of moisturizer, y not i got one now.

No intention to buy this bedsheet today as i already got one yesterday but while i make a pit stop at the bedsheet happy hour area, everybody was crazy over this light brown colour bedsheet. Busybody me asked a makcik

Depa dah takdak kaler ni kah?

and pointing to the bedsheet she's holding . She got like 4 bedsheet of that colour and few aunties (berbilang kaum) waiting for her to sort out her items. Waiting for that bedsheet particularly. Suddenly she handed me the bedsheet. All the other aunties looking at me and make the face like

Oh... girl. pls gv it to me. pls... pls...

Me being so kiasu just smile and left them. Tidak sanggup tengok muka yg penuh simpati itu. Mcm tgk racangan bersama mu jak. But WTHeck, when will i use the bedsheet. I only have single bed matress. Everytime i wanted to let go the bedsheet and few ppl suddenly come up and ask me bout it. Urgh! Hot stuff ni. Cannot let go. Bagi Addy la nanti. Actually ni la bedsheet yg i heart smlm tu (dlm my previous post) but no comforter. ;p

eh. ada apron pulak. rm2.90 saja. bila mau masak? lalala..

Who said i'm self centered?? Sy tidak mementingkan diri sendiri ok. I got this games for the kids. One for Addy's side and one for my side.

trasa mau bukak n main dulu la pulak

LaQueen: Post ini bukan utk menunjuk ok. Sbb semua barang ini sgt murah!! Gila2 murah. Like the bedsheet, NP was RM230 and i snatch it for only RM46. I'm proud!! Mungkin jugak sy menunjuk. ;p

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