Friday, December 26, 2008

Edwin's Xmas Open House

Last night Me, Kalai and Raja went to Edwin's Xmas open house. At Kepala Batas. Quite far from Penang. I wonder how did he come to work everyday. By bike!! Boring gila perjalanan d highway tu. Wise decision that he rent a place in Penang.

Reach his place around 9++pm. Raja and Kalai malu2 kambing. Ask me to carry the hamper. Tampiling ni karang.
Greet by Edwin and was introduced to his family. The family was so friendly. *memang la bah. Open house kan* Maka terus hilang malu. Sila ambil gambar d rumah orang tanpa segan. Huhu...

motif pegang bunga? hahaha...

Little that i know i was the Guest of Honour for Edwin. Yeahhhha.. Instead of eating outside with the rest of the guest, we ate inside. I dont really understand what Edwin told his parent but his parent said

Thank you... Bla bla bla...

Ooo.. Edwin told them that i'm the one who interviewed him and approved him. Oh! gitu.

sedeynya muka ku mkn

I was so full. My tummy strecth to the max. But they insist us to stay. Filled us with more muruku and air selasih. Up to the point where i cant hold it anymore. Need to meet mrTan badly. So we excuse ourself and left to the nearest Shell station. The toilet was clean. Lega..

Thank you Edwin.

LaQueen: Edwin ada akka yg cun. Nurse d Bagan Specialist. Membuat kan Kalai trasa ingin sakit dan pegi hospital itu.

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