Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 Resolution

HaPpy NeW YeaR
1430Hijrah & 2009!!!

This is the first time ever i hv a new year resolution. Wohoooo. Lets celebrate. Lets publish!!

  • To make use of my telekung as it suppose to be used. On time. Ya Allah kuat kan iman hamba mu yg selalu lalai ni.
  • To really really really practise a good diet. I need to look slim and slander on the big day. Before August i must loose all the fatty fat on my tummy. Which means i must make good of all the slimming product that i hv bought but neglect after sometimes. Control my munching habit. No more ice cream after each meal. Exersice. Urgh!!
  • To save more $$$$. Cut the unnessecery spending. No more ice cream after meal. Heh! No more shoes. No more handbag. No more slimming product.
  • Keep my hair long and healthy. Treatment at least once a month. No more hair colouring and rebonding or perming until April 2009. Eh! My hair colour would be faded by that time so i really need a touch up. ;p.
  • Take care of my face and skin. Facial treatment at least once a month. I need a glowing healty skin. Take off the make up b4 zZZzzZz. Drink lots of plain water
  • To work harder and smarter. Finish my task on time. No more delay and more organize. No more last minute.
  • To get a job in KL. Latest by March 2009.
  • To organise my big day plan! Let start on the 1 Jan 09!!
  • To go for holiday at least once. More is always better. hehe.. But mayb after August as i need to save $$$$.
  • To ensure i remember my family member's birthday and send them at least an SMS esp the nieces and nephews. Too many of them. Need to put on my organizer.
Thats all i can think of now. Can we add the resolution afterwards? hehehe... I hv few more but i consider it as wishlist rather than resolution.

Semoga semua yg diimpikan akan tercapai dgn keizinanNya.

LaQueen: Will move into a new phase in my life as a woman next year.

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