Sunday, December 2, 2007


feel lazy tday! got tons of works to do! but i hvnt start any! wargh....

my bfast today.

mango flav BOH tea (fav since UMS time) and 2 slice of toasted bread with peanut butter & choc.

MUST do ah..
last month monthly report (for 3plants n i havent key in the daily data pun)
the missing june & july monthly report for tomorow audit
tagging for tomorrow audit (which can to b done in d office only)
my techs training record

apart of dat, i need to
wash my car
kemas my bilik
send my laundry
read d cleo dat i bought yesterday(hahaha... ada hati bah)

1 comment:

Daddy & Mummy said...

ko pun suke peanut butter + coklat? i liikeee.. kat umah aku stok besar punya.. :P