Monday, December 3, 2007

free stuff are always welcome!!!

yesterday i was in d mood of gardening. to start wif, i wanna grow chilli. yeah! so thinking to buy the ody grow one (in d pasu) from giant. on dway to giant bayan baru i saw a banner. instead of going to giant, i went to PISA to the PC fair! but i dun wanna buy any compuer stuff tho. jz jalan2 n c d last minute lelong would b nice. who knows i manage to get sumthing.

i manage to get sumthing for free! yeah! get this stuff from HP. yeah!!

d xmas gift box contains; paper clip, supercool alarm clock, cable pod, phone holder, canvas bag, 2 photo frames, salt n pepper shakers,measuring tape, haloed tumbler and calculator.

n get some cheap china made stuff too! yippie!! notebook cooler pad (cool), headset c/w mic, thumbdrive and webcam (not need it tho)

after i bought this la i get all those... taraaaaa....

n d blue light at d bottom is from the notebook cooler. cool kan? wahaha.. kebaruan.

opss.. jz ignore the nice messy background. too exited to turn on d new baby so din bother to tidy up the other plastic & paper bag.

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