Thursday, December 20, 2007

happy hari raya haji mum...

jz reach home. went to work at 8am (yeah! i was late. did it on purpose). had my lunch at 3.20pm. only maggi goreng. go back at 9.30pm. go tesco. bought cockles (kerang bakar later. yeah!!), lemon, keropok bawang (my fav), beras basmathi, n yougart. ther goes my raya n d delicious food.

Miss my mum a lot during raya haji. She will b bz as a bee during raya. n the prettiest too. n i love her smell. she smell so sweet. love to hug her. love evything bout her. Miss my mum sooooooooooo damn much. wish i can speak to her thru the phone but my mum have hearing prob. Love u hajah marhumah lebbu.

selamat hari raya evyone..

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