Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh abg tom!!!

I just watched OIAM. But didnt focus as i was bloghopping. But i heard a girl sang hot and cold by katie perry. I didnt understand. She just errrr... i dunno wat to say. As Kak Ogy stressed out to the AF students 'jaga proNOUNciation dik' hahaha.. its pronunciation ok!

This girl can sing better than her. Her proNOUNciation is wayyyy better.
Dodo. Yes.. she's a mobile juke box

And do not mess around with these 2 sisters. They are as good as simon cowell when it comes to comment. Its harsh yet its true.

Teera & Dodo

Teera : Y did sarawakian like to sing NUAN NUAN?

Me: Hmmmmm.... ???!! *wth is she saying*

Teera : U know... they sing NUAN NUAN

Me: ????????!!*&%^&??? wat? They sing Iban song?

Teera : NO ONE.

Ok. its the song by Alicia Key. Pls keep your grammer and proNOUNciation to its best when talking to them.

My fav tonight is Esther (bulih bah kalau kau!), Aweera and i hv to agree dat abg TOMOK (tiba2 trasa mau buat abg angkat) is good too. Abg Paul tetap handsome. So guys kalau mau dpt imunity next week nyanyi la lagu perempuan. Dangdut mungkin lebih baik.

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