Monday, October 6, 2008

yummy raya...

I've lost only 1kg during the ramadhan. *sigh* but i do feel a bit slimmer especially on the tummy part. hey, agnes do praise me that. yeay!!

but after raya, i gained more kiloss... yummy food always ruin my diet. mari cuci mata on what my SIL cook during raya.

ayam masak merah

daging masak kuah kacang (suka kuah dia. mcm sate)

mixed vege. i love the mushroom!!

chicken curry
ini kewajiban bugis:

ayam masak lengkuas (masak likku)

buras (burasak)
But of all the pic above, i only took buras and sayur campur + kuah kacang. hahaha.. kasihan kambing ni. guess what, yesterday i was crave for sumthing and it was telur goreng!!

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