Monday, October 6, 2008

raya holiday....

i love raya holiday. i could go back to my homey to be with my beloved family. It was not really the raya celebration that i was looking for each year, but since that was the only time my whole family could get together. And i could re-introduce myself to all the aunties and uncles. Yeah, each year i have to do that bcoz they jz cant remember me. *sigh* susah jgk jadi org yg terlalu plain ni kan. mayb patut buat rekod or sumthing to b remembered.

i know ur raya was awsome too!

Sad dat i hv to leave on saturday. purposely took morning flight so dat i could jalan2 in kk. stay in radius hotel. But i wasnt as i tot. It was raining kucing dan anjing in kk. Jz went to CP to get my fav yoyo ad egg tart. Yummy as b4.

Wasnt in a good mood dat night. i was pissed off with sumone. I couldnt sleep but i was all alone to go out at night. felt so alone..... mana la bah semua kawan2 aku ni.

Still raining when i left radius in the morning. The taxi driver add my heart ache. It was raining and my hands were occupied with bag and plastic bags. That fcuking driver didnt didnt bother to help me open the door. Helloo... i pay for ur service. So i jz stand ther until he finally open the door. huh.

Bad mood continue. No mood to q so I cut q during check-in. When i was entering the departure hall, i saw the q for my flight already sooo long and we still hv 1hr b4 the flight. helooo.. do u peeps really need to stand ther that long? huh.. i dun bother to q. i jz sit dengan selesanya on the chair and read newspaper. Then i cut q again. hahaha... I know i was bad. soooo to whoever that feel damn pissed off with me that morning, i would like to say;

selamat hari raya. maaf zahir dan batin!!

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