Tuesday, July 22, 2008


very slow day today. yus (senior engineer) came to the plant. talk about mokhsen and their meeting last nite. but i didnt ask much. bcoz i tought its better for mokhsen to leave and explore. wonder when is my turn. hahaha *ketawa jahat.

we read paper, sleep, chit chat, cross puzzle, find the spot, etc etc.. hhahaha.. told u its a slow day. i also manage key in my monthly report. *GOOD GIRL. Faisal ask me if i got anything interesting on my laptop. hmmmm...... there's nothing on my laptop. not even a song. Faisal looked at me with a *ahh?!!* look.

"Dah la tak dak apa kat handpon hang. Lagu takdak. clip lagi la. Hang punya laptop pun kosong???!! Dah la tu, tak on radio dlm keta. Hang ni boring noo. Tapi hang nampak mcm *he gv me a cool pose*"

On the way home, i was thinking, yeah. mayb he's right. i'm a boring person. i didnt chill out at night, didnt go for clubbing, i dun wear anything cool on the market, didnt gv crazy cute pose for the camera, din hv anything cool on my car. is dat d symptom of me getting old? urghhhh... no!!!