Saturday, May 17, 2008


This 2weeks, i watched 2 movies. last week was ironman, on wednesday was what happen in vegas n jz now was narnia. I love all the movies. i jz gonna briefly gv my review on the movies:

1. Ironman
This movie is awsome. i love the fact that hero can be made. Its more realistic compare to superman whom came from somwher (nowher) n was born with super power. Its far better than spider dat get his superpower from a spider bite. Ironman make himself a hero. He fail but he work on the weakness and improve himself. Its jz d type of guy that i wanted. I dun mind if u r not rich but work hard, dun ever said, it was fate. Get ur lazy ass to work. Enuf bout myself and get back to the movie. I'm sick and tired of the hero that being potray as a mr nice guy. Always being bullied by ppl around them. Again, they are superman and the stupid spiderman. Ironman is jz like another ordinary guy, he get drunk and womanizer (i know its not good but hey, its realistic). He was blessed with such a genius brain and he is damn rich. Thats a bonus.

But it was sad that muslim being potray as terrorist.

2. Wat happen in vegas
This movie is okay. Ther are few lines i love from the movie. The story is predictable. But what do u expect from a romantic comedy movie, no climax. But it was fun. Nice to release ur tense n even better if u watch it with ur love one. There are few pengajaran in the movie. The lines that i like is:

"i prefer to do nothing and be happy than doing sumthing that i don like" (true 100%)
"being with u i am able to be myself. All these time, i was trying to perfect but i seems far from perfect" (lebey kurang la. lupa. but yeah, u need to be comfortable with the guy that u pick to b ur husband. U gonna live with them like.... forever!! Dont find a guy which u hv to satisfy them but look for a guy that satisfy with who u are)


3. Narnia
hmmm.... how comment. good. but the prince caspian is handsome. He's appreance is not like a typical orang putih. ada campur melayu kali tu. ensem! itu saja review saya.