Thursday, November 27, 2008

Reason to smile..

My week start of badly. I was stressed. I was exhausted. For the past 2 nights, i slept right after isyak. No mood for TV or anything. Lagi2 bukak FB. bikin panas.

Big issue at the plant on monday. Continue on tuesday. Plus my right and left hand xda. Replaced by org2 yg tidak boleh d harap. Almost paralysed. Another bad day on wednesday. cilaka punya org tua buat aku terberdiri dan duduk d tangga for 1hour. Sbb tu la tidur awal. penat blakon jd tugu. I wasnt on the mood.

But i pray that Allah gv me a reason to smile today.

Yeah. Both of my sweet and superfun left and right hand are back. Life almost normal. We had our daily lunch again. Plus free desert (xsedap gila ok).

I pray that this happiness will last.

Edwin motorbike will be ok soon. And the stupid guy that hit him will come back from leave and pay him. Adakah ckp dia teda h/p lepas tu kasi no pon office. Call office, durg ckp itu org cuti 2 minggu. Anak buah ku darjah 1 pun ada h/p bah.

That Kalai will........... apa pulak mau wish c kalai ni. Akan terus bahagia dgn cinta hati nya. Bole la.
my right and left arm. my strength on the plant

Sad new for us is mayb this year bonus will only be 1month. Urghhh.. Another reason for US (yeah us) to leave??

ini ketua durg yg bengong.

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