Thursday, March 20, 2008

selamat menyambut maulidur rasul

today is public holiday for msia. yeah!! no need to wake up (normally i do wake up late jugak pun. eksen jak ni) n get ready for work. today is d day to b lazy!!

wake up 8am. check out my fav shopping place. WMC then my fav forum CARI then browse some blog. browse so many blogs lately. n most of them i save as my fav. huahua.. but i'm not yet ready to share mine. then i found one blog that attract me so much. jeng jeng jeng... of course la shopping blog. Share it later.

browse until 2pm. wow! i din feel hungry at all. a good way for diet jz by window shopping thru the net. hehe.. but around 2.30pm my tummy ody cannot tahan n sing me a very sad song asking me to feed them. so i cook. phew! nvr cook for quite some time. fry egg, cook baby kailan (hey i love buying vege stock ok. jz lazy to cook, i got lots of stock in the fridge. which always end up in the rubbishbin) and also soup. yeah! errkkk... alhamdulillah.

Ther are many stories wanted to share here. but keep it for later la. promise that i'll write them today. i need to go out n get fresh air now. my mr K need a wash. can we ask only for vaccum? bcoz the sky showing the sign of raining anytime now. but mr K really need to b cleaned. later got lepeh bersarang. lepeh is lipas la. yesterday mokhsen told me dat he saw lepeh on his car. yike!

i din update dis blog since dec. so many things happened. both bad n good. but i think i forget most of them as i din keep it here on my little black book. but i did lots of shopping lately. from feb till the moment i type dis post.

need to get ready!

things to do:
1) wash mr K
2) take money... how much ah? to pay lyn for the guess belt, for tuan, n of course for my shopping this coming sunday. shud i take for next week KL interview trip? wargh!!! berlubang la my acc book!
3) go look for office attire (since my company already came out with a memo "no jeans, tshirt n sliper allowed except for sunday" arghhhh..... i terasa u!(sounds of money gonna flow again here)
4) c if thers any good movie to watch at the cinema.

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