Thursday, October 4, 2007

yeahhaaaa.... balik raya!

This is my entry post!

Welcome to blogspot miss Dewi!!

Basically this blogspot is all about the event and ppl around me. Everything i put up here is based on my humble opinion. Some may not agree but face it peeps! it my BLOG. And i 'm also aware that i too hv to face any disagreement, argument and whatnot as i'm the one who gatal2 publish/open this blog. You may leave comment on the comment box but the harsh one will be deleted!! Terima kasih.

My first entry:
Yesterday, as i ody prepared myself for d worst yg i hv to celeb my raya in penang, hahahahahaha.... my manager (yg baru sekangkang kera naik pangkat) approve my leave! yeahaaaaaa..... so damn happy for dat. thanks to serene n ahbeng dat willing to replace me. i owe u guys/ i'll bring sumthing for both of u. ahbeng, u owez ask me for salak kan. ok. try to get dat for u. salak in penang mmg x best pun. duri2 xbuang n kurus pulak tu.

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