Thursday, May 26, 2011

56 days & alone

Aidan is 56days old today! His progress? Next entry la ok.

Aidan's first 5days is under the care of his mother that depend on google & youtube on motherhood. I bathed Aidan, cooked (for me & Addy) & what not during those 5days. With the help of Addy lah of course! & Addy's sister & auntie (came on Aidan's 3rd day). My idea about confinement are:

1) No outing
2) Wear bengkung (which i dont even have)
3) Drink jamu & pakai bedak2 d perut & dahi (i dont have them too)
4) Wear stockin & cover up so x masuk ang

I dunno that i have to walk slowly, no squat ( i squat everytime i prepare Aidan's cloth) & everything la beside the 4 items above.

My mother in law (MIL) came on the 5th. Yeaaaaah! Then the real confinement start. My MIL took care of Aidan, Addy & even me! Preparing my food, jamu and
help me to wear bengkung (MIL bought jamu & bengkung from Kuching). She take over everything la. Even the tv remote control.

First few days was quite depressing. Especially the TV part. Hahaha.... Whole day sinetron ya bapak2 & ibu2. urrrrgggh!! I had to watch MHI & buletin pagi in the morning (i normally watch my news at channel 712 *wink wink*), wanita hari ini on the noon & sinetron marathon from 11am until 7.30pm. Aqso & Madinah, Safa & Marwah, Sejuta Cinta Marshanda, Marimar (oh! ini Philipine), Mata ayer & Nurkasih (Malaysia), Nikita and Kejora & B
intang. Nah!! jangan jelous. Hafal gituuuu. At night pulak kena tengok Bersamamu. During the Sarawak election i watched Bernama TV pulak. Aduh!! Stressss nya!! With all the smelly thingy menepek di badan & xbole mandi petang, i cried wishing i could have confinement in Tawau. As if it would make any better.

I seriously watch MHI tau.

Over time, i enjoy her company and love the Sinetron too! ;p Thank you MIL!! Because of you i have the luxury to enjoy a loooooong warm bath, facebooking
while having lunch & dinner (prepared by MIL too), a nap during Marimar etc etc... When i cant handle Aidan, i can always pass him to u and continue facebooking! ;p and most importantly the knowledge on motherhood you taught me.

During the last 10days of my confinement, me & MIL enjoying ourselves driving round town (including Aidan la). Hahaha... We went as far as AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang and shopping at the packed GM Plaza KL. Both of us lovessss jalan2 (doesn't matter where to as long as JALAN) & shopping (window shopping sampai melekat d cermin pun tak pa). Oh! i love u la MAK!!!

On the 13th (Aidan's 43days), my MIL went back to Kuching leaving us anak beranak.


Cried the morning she left. Even after she left the house for hours. The house seems empty. No more my sinetron, jalan2 and shopping geng. Never been this close with her. No mood for tv. I was struggle handling Aidan. And the best part is no TIME for breakfast & lunch (cook? in my dream lah!), bath & FACEBOOK'ing. Aidan was cranky but I had no one to turn to. Huwaaaaaaa.....

Thank god Aidan only cranky for a day. Rindu nenek kot. The day after he was well behave (sleep). But still, i can only mandi burung. Eat halfway - feed Aidan -finish my food. Facebook? Yeah! thru my BB on one hand while handling Aidan using my other hand. ;p Still struggling.

After bath mum let me watch BabyTV

Its so boring & made me sleepy. ZzZZzzZZzz...

After 4days i can manage Aidan quite succesfully. He do still cranky & moody (biasa lah baby). I let him play by himself on his bouncer & didn't play with him nor put him on my lap as much as before. Previously, whenever Aidan woke up, i will straight put him on my arm but now, i just let him by himself until he cry for milk. Sorry Aidan. But it works. Now i have time for house chores, cook & even for sauna. ;p But i do put him on my arms sometimes. Rindu la want to play with him & seeing him laugh. Cuteness.

We survive!!
Aidan rocks!!

p/s: this is auto publised entry. by the time u read this, Aidan made another step on his milestone.



SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Banyaknya rambut hehe.

eynda said...

Selamat datang ke dunia seorang ibu ;-)

CathJ said...

wah milestone.. kemana tu?? ^_^

Reading your story remind me of my own hihihi... bab remote.. betul lah.. kenapa ya mereka suka drama2 ni..hahahahha... until me pun terikut tengok...terikut2 makan hati berulam jantung.. hahahahahhaa...

My mom pun dah nak balik KK... tak lama lagi aku pun akan kesunyian... aduh...

take care.. :D

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

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