Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random post

I jz wanna post sumthing after this blog terbiar for quite sumtimes.

i jz had a nice fringe cut last saturday. done by a very amature stylist. thanks my new stylist. muaaaaah. but mayb this would be the last time i ask for his hair cut service

funny kan? mcm kena gigit tikus bah. i hv to wear hairband while waiting for my fringe to get a nice length.

this is safety boots. i hv a pair of those which i wear evyday except if din go to work. but the shoe below are not mine. it belongs to my technician.

cutekan he wear pink socks.

the picture below is a random picture i took nearby the intel plant. on d way back from PG6 plant to PG8. i love the scenery after rain. evything will be clear. the SKY, the road, the air, the grass look greener. the rain had wipe away all the dirt.

i feel lazy to touch up the pic but will do it next time coz i jz love the sky.

so if u had to cry, jz cry. mayb after that u'll feel much better.

last but nvr the least my best fren linda that happen to hv a course in penang. she's my classmate in secondary school, my coursemate in matriculation, my roommate for 2 years in UMS and my vy best fren from then until now. happy to c u. but the time is too short. jz wish we could spend more time. u shud stay here for a holiday n i can bring u jalan2.

we ENJOYING our free buffet breakfast at grand continental penang. not recommended to stay here.

i miss her so damn much. if we met, we will automatically talk non stop until both fall asleep. she's d one who teach me how to eat and order outside (my family only eat at home). i follow watever she ordered. last time we hv this habit of ordering the same drink for months. the first drink we had is milo (and we had milo for about 5months) then switch to teh tarik then to lemon tea ice. haha..

thats all folks.


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