Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another buffet

salam peeps...

On the 12th day of ramadhan, my company treat the staff break fast buffet in sunway convention centre. Reached ther around 6.40pm. All my colleague were standing outside the hall. They actually waiting for other colleague to arrive. erk.... come on guys. Go in. The food wont wait for u. But they still insist to wait. Me? i cant wait. hahaha...

The q was long.. and i got this feeling like i'm attending a kendawin (kenduri kawin). Since i'm almost a vege, so i skip many nice food. make my job easy. hehehe... i took nasi wif lauk pauk, cakes and some malay kuih. Mokhsen help me to take ice kacang and soya bean.

The food?? hm....... much2 better than cititel. Better as it is free. its simply yummy and they hv variety of them. i aim for roti canai and ice cream for the next round. But to my dissapoinment, they didnt refill the food. so i dun get a chance to do the eat all u can (which the words buffet suppose to mean). I only manage to eat i hv take earlier. No 2nd, 3rd, round. Huh. Thank god my dearest tech Raja took my fav fruit for me. hehehe.. jackfruit.

So i do the table hopping. To polish my PR skill la konon. But there's lot more for me to learn to b a good PR.

My boss (both boss) seems so happy and enjoy their time. Erkkk... i dun hv the gut to tell them my raya plan. They seems to rely on me so much for this raya shut down. How could i let them down. But i need to go back!! sorry guys...

my table

After the makan2 session, i contact emy as he want to us jalan2 at sunway carnival mall. But he ask me to go to his hse instead. Sorry dude. Too lazy (good food owez make me lazy) to go to ur place. So me and mokhsen jalan2 la. I remember i want to buy this vincci shoe.Tried last time with my beloved man in alamanda. So in love!! when i was at counter, i realise i didnt bring my purse. erkk... malu2. mokhsen hv to pay for me first. thanks mokhsen. Tara....

Its so adorable kan!

Pusing2... keluar masuk kedai without buying anything bcoz i dun hv money or even my plastic card. so cuci mata la sambil gerigitan tgk2 barang ni. I dunno wat time we went back. But mokhsen drove out from the mall in front of me. As soon as i reached a junction, i cant find his car. I guess he turn right instead of left. hahaha... sesat. Then i call him. ya.he sesat. hahaha.. reached home, rest n sleep.

p/s: i saw a nice baju melayu in parkson. guess i need to drive back ther to get it.

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