Monday, December 17, 2007

a weekend in KL

KL is my second home lately. been to KL last week for ien's wedding n last weekend for.... got la.

Reached KL on 11.30pm. After a good nite sleep, i am fully ready for a nice jalan2. Feel like having a nice nature gateaway. but i dunno wher to go n the mr guide also hv no idea to fulfill my wish. End up hving lunch n jalan2 at the tasik in kelana jaya.

after dat went to the summit for a movie (knowing dat OU, Midvalley n KLCC surely packed wif homosapiens.) watched 'i am legend' lead by will smith (in fact its all about him 'the legend'). OK2 la. The tuan had hair cut ther. i was so attracted by the ad 'wash+ cut+ blow + hair repair treatment at only rm79'. so typical me. actually i already have my hair treatment a week ago. haha.. but the promo is so irresistible. so i spend my $$ again on my damn straw like hair. rush to go back coz i want to watch tv. haha.. 'dia. dayang nurfaizah'. feel entertain by dayang n her family. all so honest n sincere.

on sunday, went to zairul's wedding. tot i dun wanna go. scared i wont b able to fix myself along. but hey, they all bring their bini2s. so got few gals. n me trying so hard to show dat i can socialize. i can adopt. thank god d binis all nice. but i only remember 2 names. one is wana (went to karaoke wif her last time) n IS (very pretty soft spoken girl. So funny la d wedding. but wish both of u happy lasting marriage. n also to the bestman ah! kirim salam.

After dat went for jalan2 in putrajaya. Then i saw banner 'international space adventure'. Nice! An unplanned event. The overall adventure is worth for the ticket rm30.40 for adult. Everybody shud go ther. The event will be from 15Dec2007 to 16March2008(I only saw the 16 so i tot yesterday was the last day. rushed. when its actually only the 2nd day of 3months event}Tell bout it in the next blog. got lots to say!

After the tiring walk at the space adventure, rushed home. dun wanna miss the ManU(go go go!) n liverpool (bla bla bla) match. Take my bath n pack my thingy. But need to buy my bus ticket 1st. Got the 12am bus. then climb the 1000stairs (i make up this story) in menara maybank to the atm machine. damn tiring. then rush to mamak. yes MU lead. yes!! they won!

Rushed to pudu again. wait almost 20mins at the parking area then i go back to the ground floor as i cant breath down ther. packed. Make a phone call to a bitch. but i dunno how can i e bso calm down as i spoke to her. i even thank her. n she only say 'yes. no problem. no problem. gud nite'. i know ur english is sux dats y u were speechless. cheh. but still dare to scold me thru sms for calling her at dat time. not good konon. when u offer urself to b another girl's bf as his 2nd gf tu sooooo beradab la konon. Tell later bout this bitch. Took 11.30pm bus. Thank god again. i heard the bus guy said the rest will take the 5.30am bus tomoro morning (today la).

reach penang at 5.11am. Sleep n get up at 7.56am.

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