Friday, December 14, 2007

I feel honoured...

It all started about a month ago. My tech call me up n said thers a new construction company set up. German company. actually last time they had shares in M+W Z*&^%$, but due to unsettle problem now they split out from dat company and set up tis new IFE company. The story is, one of the guy dat responsible to look for the new staff asked my fren bout me! He said he saw me last time working in Kulim KM5 n would like to offer me a job! I do ask his email address frm my friend to send my resume. To my suprise dat guy is still working wif M+W but offer me to work for IFE and his using his M+W email add. funnny la. and the salary he offer is around 2.5times my current salary??..!! bcoz its hard to belif n due to my malasness, i din send him my email neither contact him.

Last week i saw a misscall on my phone, returning his call by sending him msg only (so stingy i am). then dat guy call me back (yeah!!!). he tell how he get my number (he get from my former colleague). n he also offer me a job! they have an offshore project n he need workforce. he also told me dat he deal wif me last time (my previous company) n it was like a year ago!!! n he also said my former boss always talk bout me even after i resign (love u so much boss. so dats y he interested to offer me d job. unfortunely my other phone rang n its my boss. so i hv to cut him off n he promise to call me back in the afternoon. but up to this time, he nvr call me back. or i heard him wrong? he ask me to call him instead? dunno la. i wanted to call him back but if the job he offer is in sabah, i might not want it. but... no harm to call n ask kan (except my phone credit la). stupid me? shud i call him back??

N today, i call my supplier to come n help me with the setting of the machine we bought from him. when i send him out, he ask me wether i work in Kulim b4. "yes!! i do. do u recognise me?". he said yes.

All this time i tought i'm jz like wind to evybody. nobody notice my existance except my boss when he mad at me and asking me to close job order. i'm so happy dat ppl still know me n recognize wat i've did b4. it's an honour for me. really. n i'm truly suprise. Thank you guys. But u all shoudnt make me feel alone in my journey tho. Help me. I'm all alone here. Sumtimes i do feel helpless (later la i write new post). Thank you so much guys!!! i feel honoured. Huh....

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